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The Owner

Jose Santiago is the owner and founder of Twilight Events, a venture that began in 2019.

Complementing this achievement is his role as the owner of Delia Studios, a distinguished sister company that shares the same ethos of excellence. While still active as a lead videographer, Jose's foresight led him to establish a second business, a decision fueled by a multifaceted vision. The primary idea behind this expansion was to position Twilight Events as a versatile company capable of serving a diverse clientele beyond weddings, encompassing everything from live events such as Sweet 16's and Mitzvahs to corporate functions, business media and content creation. 

This idea also kept coming up because more clients wanted videos and photos to amplify and elevate their own businesses. Jose, recognizing the evolving needs of the market, sought to consolidate these varied requests under one roof, giving rise to a new brand that could seamlessly cater to a spectrum of events and promotional needs. This move not only expanded the scope of services but also ensured accessibility for clients seeking quality filmmaking within budget constraints.

In addition to serving the diverse event landscape, Jose identified the growing need for content creators in the age of rapid social media expansion. The digital sphere, evolving at a fast pace, demanded a robust supply of engaging photo and video content. Leveraging his extensive network of seasoned professionals, including videographers, editors, and photographers at the forefront of the multimedia market, Jose orchestrated a seamless collaboration. This collective effort not only addressed the escalating demand for content but also positioned Twilight Events and Delia Studios as agile players, ready to navigate the dynamic currents of the ever-changing digital market with skill and creativity.

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